June Jordan, Tupac Shakur, Audre Lorde, Giannina Braschi & Other Must-Read Poets of Color: TOP 12

Top Poets of Color: Tupac Shakur, Audrey Lorde, June Jordon, Giannina Braschi, Dunya Mikhail…

New Releases: Books by Poets Of Color

By CE MILLER/BUSTLE MAG We humans have been creating poetry since practically the beginning of time… or, you know, since about right around then, anyway — first through song and chants, through images, and finally by chiseling, carving, scratching, burning, writing it onto whatever we could get our hands on. In my mind, poetry is […]

Belfast Poetry Festival October 2016

The Belfast Poetry Festival and Belfast Free Library are pursuing their mission of community education and community engagement through poetry by offering a tribute reading of beloved Maine poets recently deceased; a panel discussion surveying contemporary poets and the future of poetics; and opportunities for poets to talk shop and exchange ideas about craft at […]

Young Indians, Poetry Slams

Poet Shamir Reuben is an emerging talents in slam poetry, a form of performance and powerful expression fast catching up in India. In the last two years, there are many such videos of performances which have gained popularity on the internet. And there’s a burgeoning population of teens and young adults choosing spoken word poetry to talk […]