Pope Francis Quotes Edgar Lee Masters

“As one of your poets has put it, ‘strong and tireless wings’ combined with the wisdom of one who ‘knows the mountains,’” Pope Francis stated when urging US bishops to welcome Hispanic immigrants. The poet in question is Edgar Lee Masters, from President Obama’s home state of Illinois. An attorney and author who lived in […]

Stephen Colbert’s Metamodern

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/seth-abramson/is-stephen-colbert-bringig-poetry_b_8332208.html If you’ve been watching Late Night with Stephen Colbert recently, you’ve been inundated by a good deal of experimental poetry. That’s because Colbert, long considered a “metamodern” performer by the American literati, reads experimental metamodern poetry to his late-night audience most nights. That he doesn’t call it that makes his popularization of avant-garde verse […]