Join these brilliant, internationally acclaimed writers from May 1-7. View this email in your browser For the first time in the history of the World Voices Festival, we will be featuring twice as many women as men in our Festival line-up. These authors, poets, translators, artists, and critics will join us from May 1-7 as […]

Khaled Mattawa on Language

“Testing and expanding the language is part of writing poetry and poetic renewal. There’s never been a poetic revolution that was purely indigenous, that was not touched by translation or multilingualism.” —Khaled Mattawa, Academy of American Poets Chancellor Born and raised in Benghazi, Libya, poet Khaled Mattawa relocated to the United States as a teenager […]

A Great New Year’s Day Poems

“Burning the Old Year” by Naomi Shihab Nye Letters swallow themselves in seconds. Notes friends tied to the doorknob, transparent scarlet paper, sizzle like moth wings, marry the air. So much of any year is flammable, lists of vegetables, partial poems. Orange swirling flame of days, so little is a stone. Where there was something […]