Poets & Writers: Transatlantic New York Conference

Explore, celebrate and debate the collective creative genius of Hispanic culture in the United States. Hispanic legends of film, poetry, art, and music will be the subject of “Transatlantic New York”, a conference hosted by Instituto Cervantes, Brown University, and CUNY from May 24th to May 26th 2017 in New York City.

Discussions about the “Who’s Who” in Hispanic literature today will include panels on the following novelist, poets, and essayists Junot Díaz, Daniel AlarcónGiannina Braschi, Antonio Muñoz Molina, Ricardo Piglia, and Carmen Boullosa


The keynote address will be delivered on Thursday, May 24th by Ottmar Etee, entitled “Manhattan y las Islas dolorosas del Mar: De José Martí a las literaturas del mundo”. There will also be a lively dialogue with Norman Manea, featuring Robert Boyers and Dulce María Zuniga.


Highlights of scholarly panels on Friday, May 26th include two back-to-back sessions on the Puerto Rican writer Giannina Braschi. Emilie Bergman (UC Berkeley), Francisco Moreno-Fernandez (Harvard University), and Manuel Broncano (Texas A&M) will tackle the language in “Giannina Braschi: Transatlantic Spanish from the Golden Age to the Information Age”. The second panel focuses on “Giannina Braschi: Radical Thinking and the Body Politic” and features Laura Loustau (Chapman University), Ronald Mendoza-de Jesús (University of Southern California), Arnaldo Cruz (Forham University), and John Riofrio (William & Mary College).




Prof. Carlos Aguasaco
City College of New York

Center for Worker Education
25 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10004
212-925-6625 Ext. 224
​Email: caguasaco@ccny.cuny.edu


For complete program, click here:


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