Island Poetry, Governor’s Island That is!

Governors Island will be ringing with poetry this weekend.

The fifth annual New York City Poetry Festival is bringing together poets from across the five boroughs onto the island for a two-day celebration of poetry starting Saturday, complete with food, drinks, readings and art.

“Anybody who identifies as a poet in New York City, we want them to come to the New York City Poetry Festival. We want them to perform, we want them to meet other poets, to hear other poetry from communities they wouldn’t necessarily hear otherwise,” said Stephanie Berger, the festival’s co-founder.

She said that poetry communities in New York tend to be very small and insular, often keeping among themselves. And while New York City is home to many poets, the poetry scene itself is difficult to access because it is so fragmented.

That’s why Berger and Nicholas Adamski of the Poetry Society of New York created the festival. It is as an attempt to get poets to come together in one place and meet one another in a picturesque outdoors setting.

“We thought there are music festivals every summer that are really fun, why not have a poetry festival outside in the sun where everyone can meet and mingle. Basically lay in the grass in a big and beautiful park and hear some really lovely poetry,” Adamski said.

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