Christmas Poems

Classic and contemporary poems for the holiday season.

by Becca Klaver for POETRY FOUNDATION

Christmas Poems

Photo by DC Zwick.


Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas” by Major Henry Livingston, Jr.

Christmas, 1970” by Sandra M. Castillo

The Christmas Letter” by John N. Morris

Conches on Christmas” by Mike Chasar

[little tree]” by E.E. Cummings

Christmas Eve: My Mother Dressing” by Toi Derricotte

Chicago and December” by W.S. Di Piero

Christmas Tree Lots” by Chris Green

Christmas Night” by Conrad Hilberry

Where Are The Stars Pristine” by Alice Fulton

Messiah (Christmas Portions)” by Mark Doty

The Golden Hinde” by Devin Johnston

On Christmas” by Marion Strobel

This is the Latest” by Ange Mlinko

Advent” by Mary Jo Salter

Christmas Prelude” by Lisa Jarnot

The Oxen” by Thomas Hardy

Before Christmas” by Landis Everson

Advent” by Rae Armantrout

A Week Before Christmas” by Ioanna Carlsen

To Mrs K____, On Her Sending Me an English Christmas Plum-Cake at Paris” by Helen Maria Williams


Download poems to hang on the fridge, wall, or tree.

Picture of a Nativity” by Geoffrey Hill [PDF]

Sonnet in the Shape of a Potted Christmas Tree” by George Starbuck [PDF]



Christmas Eve in Whitneyville” by Donald Hall

Christmas Memories” by Ed Skoog and Wyatt Prunty


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