Opening Lines: Where Great Books Start…United States of Banana

“It’s the end of the world. I was excited by the whole situation. Well, if everybody is going to die, die hard, shit, but what do I know. Is this an atomic bomb—the end of the world—the end of the millennium? No more fear of being fired—for typos or tardiness—digressions or recessions—and what a way of being fired—bursting into flames—without two weeks notice—and without six months of unemployment—and without sick leave, vacation, or comp time—without a word of what was to come—on a glorious morning—when nature ran indifferent to the course of man—there came a point when that sunny sky turned into a hellhole of a night—with papers, computers, windows, bricks, bodies falling, and people running and screaming.”

Giannina Braschi, “United States of Banana”

Publisher: AmazonCrossing

Editors: Tess O’Dwyer and Gabriella Page-Fort


About the Author:

Born in San Juan and based in New York, Giannina Braschi is a cutting-edge poet. She was a tennis champion, singer, and fashion model before she discovered poetry. She holds a PhD in the Spanish Golden Age and has taught at Rutgers, Colgate, and City University. She has written on Cervantes, Garcilaso, Lorca, Machado, Vallejo, and Bécquer. Author of the postmodern poetry classic Empire of Dreams, the Spanglish novel Yo-Yo Boing! and the philosophical  new work of fiction United States of Banana, Braschi has received grants and awards from National Endowment for the Arts, NY Foundation for the Arts, El Diario la prensa, PEN American Center, Ford Foundation, Reed Foundation, Rutgers University, Danforth Scholarship, and Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña.  Her collected poems inaugurated the Yale Library for World Literature in Translation. She writes in three languages—Spanish, Spanglish, and English—to express the enculturation process of millions of Hispanic immigrants in the U.S.—and to explore the three political options of Puerto Rico—nation, colony, or state. Braschi dedicates her life’s work to inspiring personal and political liberation.

Her titles are available at AmazonCrossing in paperback and Kindle.

Poet D. Nurske said, “Good poets write great poems. Great poets create a new language. Braschi is a brilliant artist who has invented a syntax that reveals how we think, suffer, and take delight in the 21st century. Though the tone can be playful, her work has deep roots in the subversive side of classical literature. The scale is epic.”

The Evergreen Review called “United States of Banana”  “The Wasteland of the 21st Century”.




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